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Data and Media Conversion
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Media Conversion

We can process many formats of magnetic tape from nine track round reel tapes, DLT's, 3480, 3490, 3490E tape cartridges and 4mm and 8mm cartridges,  QIC (Quarter Inch Cartridges, minis and non minis), DVD, CD, jaz, zip, MO (Magneto Optical) and many more. We're always expanding our capabilities so just give us a call.

Mainframe to PC Expertise

We have expertise dealing with:
  • EBCDIC to/from ASCII
  • Fixed length or delimited data
  • Database and Spreadsheet formats
  • Packed fields ( comp-3 type)
  • Data reformatting & record selection
  • Multiple record type files
  • Variable record length mainframe tapes

Database Cleanup

We help many mail houses take mailing lists unfit for database use, and make them mail ready.

Word Processors

If you have older Word Processing documents that need to be converted to current formats, we can help.

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